Life, contentment and the present moment

It can be easy to either live always referring to a ‘more glorious’ personal past, or to live referring largely to a hopeful, more glorious future. But what about living in the present? More and more technology, such as smart phone cameras helps us capture every moment, but do we enjoy the moment, or are we just spectators, observers in our own lives, summing up the ‘news worthy’ opportunities? Many movements, such as ‘Slow food’ are trying to help us focus on what we are doing and who we are with in the present moment. To celebrate it, savour it and find contentment in it. The moment I show you may look picturesque, but even more importantly I savoured the moment. I experienced all the things you can’t see from just looking at a photo: the smell of the Japanese wisteria, the atmosphere provided by the impending storm, the occasional drop of rain.




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Filed under A deliberate life, Aesthetically pleasing things

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