Unearthing forgotten treasure titles

Bookshop window in Rüdesheim, a town on the Rhein, Germany

When I go treasure hunting I don’t take a spade, although a dust mask would be useful. You never know what priceless volumes you will uncover in a second-hand bookshop! I know, I know, many people are eschewing paper publications and just downloading their reading matter straight to a device (and I have been known to do this too), but the second-hand bookshop remains a treasure trove. In a bookshop, you can sort through all manner of bizarre titles – the Russian scientific publication analysis of the sex life of silkworms seemed like a particularly inappropriate book to be trying to sell in the bookshop in a small NSW rural town – although maybe it was someone’s holiday reading… I love the strange bedfellows that bookshops create, like in the bookshop window in Germany where Elvis kept company with JFK, Martin Luther Goethe, wine and puppies. You can truly browse in a bookshop, and you might come across something that you never would otherwise have found if you just stuck to your own genre favourites. Some of these treasures come super cheap too – but their worth is inestimable.


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3 responses to “Unearthing forgotten treasure titles

  1. Oh my gosh! Yes!!! On our recent family trip, the very last stop before heading to the airport was a stop in a book store filled with used books! My 17 year old son and I thought we had stumbled upon a “treasure” trove of our hearts delight!!! Our suitcases were stuffed, and carry on bags loaded to the max!! On the top of our go “back and do” list!! Excellent post!!! Thank you for sharing! blessings, denise

  2. I love exploring in second hand bookshops, sometimes you’d find previous owner scribbling on books, sometimes their names on front page, sometimes dog eared pages, makes the book much more alluring.

    • Yes, I love finding things in second-hand books too. Sometimes you find their old bookmarks. Of course, you can always hope to find hidden money or some important document like in a mystery novel!

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