About slipstitch story

A slipstitch is often used in crochet to finish a row of work, in order to be able to start a new one. A slipstitch makes the work look neat and makes it look like rows merge seamlessly into one another. This blog may not be seamless! However it merges the thoughts and experiences of life one into another and through doing so tries to make sense of the themes that run through life.

All photos © me, taken on iPhone 5 or 6 or an Olympus Pen Lite with editing. 

Yarn-bombed tree

5 responses to “About slipstitch story

  1. Have you read the children’s story Extra Yarn? If you haven’t check it out. Here’s the You Tube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QHNzgIhbIo. The picture of the tree reminds me of this charming story.

    On another note, your blog’s main picture is amazing. As soon as I opened the link to your post, I was drawn to how neat the photo looks and went immediately to the bottom to check out the theme. And then I read the explanation of splitstitch & thought “well of course.” Seriously great representation.

    • Thanks @poetdabbler 🙂 I haven’t read that story, will take a look.
      My main blog picture is an image I took in Germany, I think it was in the grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace near Munich, looking out on the lake from inside a rotunda. I used the image with the idea of looking towards life’s adventures & possibilities, and towards what can’t quite be seen as yet 🙂

  2. What a unique blog name. I just browsed few of your posts and photos, I admire your shots and editing style. Keep it up!

  3. Love the story of your blog name, magical photography!

  4. GeorgieMoon

    Hello, I’m doing the Commenting Bootcamp course, and I found you in the Commons. I’ve got to comment on three blogs and share a personal story – aren’t you the lucky one, haha! I was attracted to your blog as you are obviously a brilliant photographer and I like your images. I also liked your post about the different cameras you have had. I love writing, and taking photos. I am maybe not so good at the technical side of photography, but I think I have a good ‘eye’. A few years ago, I sent in a story to a yachting magazine (my husband and I live on a yacht in Greece). My story was published, along with some photos, and I was spurred on to write some more.
    Then a few months later they published a longer six-page article, and chose one of my photos for the front cover of their magazine! I was so thrilled! I don’t regard myself as a professional writer or photographer, and I still say to everyone that if I can do it, then anyone can. I started my blog only last December, so I’m just learning, and I want it to be about living aboard, our yacht, the places we have been. However we are back in the UK living ashore at the moment, so my blog is filled with random ramblings!
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping me out in the Commenting Bootcamp course!

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