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Sardine ice cream and the privilege & burden of choice

Two-flavour gelato in a cone

















32 Flavors (or Flavours as we Australians spell it ;-))

When I think about choosing an ice cream flavour, for some reason I always return to what I remember of a story from Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree (warning: my memory may have taken some license with this story and I haven’t checked back since). I remember the children went to a land where they could pick any flavour of ice cream that they could imagine. One of them decided to be cheeky and ask for sardine flavoured ice cream, and then received it and had to eat it! The rather heavy-handed moral was that if you were cheeky, you had to face the consequences of your behaviour. As a vegetarian I particularly shudder at the thought of sardine ice cream, although I’m sure my cat would get great enjoyment from it.

Sometimes when you stand before an ice cream counter it’s hard to make a choice when confronted with so many flavours and corresponding colours (or perhaps non-corresponding colours in the case of bubble gum flavour). It is an amazing freedom and privilege to have such a range of choice, but on the other hand it can be daunting. If a queue has built up behind you and you stand there dithering about cookies and cream versus something fruity like boysenberry versus something spicy like ginger, you can take a long time to decide. And is there a combination that is just right for you? Is there a perfect flavour that will inspire you and supply your every taste desire? Should you go with your standard order (for me this often comes back to lemon or pistachio  gelato) or should you be adventurous and try teaming up salted caramel with raspberry ripple? How do you approach those big ice cream decisions?


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