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Can anybody tell me what time it is?

Figures looking through clock face

Is there a known formula for creating a Time Capsule? Is it anything like the bride’s ‘Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new?’ Or perhaps it’s more like a witch’s cauldron brew à la Macbeth, with ingredients thrown in, metaphorical ‘eye of newt’, anyone? Perhaps it could be like when I’m making plunger coffee, ‘one spoonful for me, one for you, and one for the pot’.

For want of a better scheme, I propose applying the bridal tradition to the creation of my Australia-centric time capsule, to represent our current place in time. Let’s see how it goes…

Something borrowed, well Julia Gillard effectively borrowed the Prime Ministership from Kevin Rudd not long ago, so perhaps we could include whatever it was she was knitting for the royal baby.  There’s our nod to the politics of the day and to the current passion for crafts & handmade wares.

Something blue…well, I think we’d have to include ‘the dress that made the internet explode’, the ‘is it white and gold or blue and black dress’. If there is something that epitomises the current power of social media (and of celebrities of a certain kind), this has got to be it. However, for those who don’t believe the dress is blue, we’ll throw in the program from the latest Byron Bay Blues Fest, for this era when live music festivals are all the rage. That covers off culture (not really, but how big can this time capsule be anyway?).

Something old, we could certainly do a pick up on a lot of my local nature strips and grab a swag of analogue TVs. That points to our technology-obsession, and our consumer society that buys and discards at will (or whim).

Finally, for something new, let’s include a can of Coconut Water, the latest in a longline of trendy foods and beverages, thought to have amazing health-giving properties. Who knows if it’s here today, gone tomorrow, but at the moment it’s up there. That gives the nod to our foodie culture and obsession with endless reality cooking shows. We haven’t represented sport, but honestly, how much can you do with four items – if you’re still not convinced on the blue front, perhaps we could throw in an item of blue sports apparel, but far be it for me to offend various states and sports and decide myself what sporting code it should come from! That one would have to go to a national ballot.

Of course when those lucky (or hapless) people in the future open my (rather large) time capsule, they’ll find a knitted toy, a dress, a booklet, a heavy box with a cord attached, a can of drink and an item of sports clothing that are supposed to represent this time. All the intangibles and memories are what can never be conveyed, like that moment on my youthful travels where I literally looked through time as I peered through the back of a clock at Paris spread out before me, and pointed in wonder and laughed with my friends. Time was, time is, time is yet to come.

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