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The tale of the flying shed

Rustic shed


The most surreal experience I’ve ever had was the time I was nearly flattened by a flying shed. Yes, you read the last sentence correctly, I was nearly crushed by a corrugated garden construction.

Once upon a time I worked in a retail plant nursery and would spend my time helping customers choose plants that would be appropriate for their gardens. I’d also water and prune our plant stock, and set out new stock deliveries on sale benches. One day I was in the outdoor nursery section by myself and it was a day of high wind. We had a line of display half-shed fronts attached to the wall of the nursery about 6 metres up the wall. On this day I was wheeling trolleys of potted plant deliveries back and forth through a doorway underneath where the sheds were mounted on the wall. I could hear the corrugated iron of the sheds literally groaning under the pressure from the high winds. One minute I was wheeling plants through the doorway, and next minute one of the shed-fronts took flight from the wall and crashed down into the doorway. There is nothing like just missing being crushed by a flying shed.

Shaken, I went and found my supervisor, who added to the surreal feeling by seeming to care more about the condition of the shed than my proximity to it when it fell. I was still in shock – it’s like something out of a children’s book to see a shed fly off a wall and nearly hit you. At least I survive to work another day. Surreal man,Whoa!

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